R for Social Scientists

Welcome to the R Data Analysis Course! This web course is designed to help you develop essential skills in data analysis using the R programming language. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to expand your R knowledge, our course offers a structured path to learn and practice.

We are excited to be your guides on this journey of mastering R for data analysis. Each chapter provides hands-on learning experiences, and you can access them by following the provided links. Let’s begin your R adventure!


Get started with R, understand its basic concepts, and take your first steps in the world of data analysis.

basic introduction and first steps

Chapter 1

Learn how to explore and summarize data, and discover the power of pipes in R.

data exploration, summarising data, pipes in R

Chapter 2

Dive into data visualization and create informative plots to understand your data better.

plotting data

Chapter 3

Explore the world of R packages and how they can enhance your data analysis capabilities.

brief introduction to packages

Chapter 4

Learn how to manipulate and transform data using the tidyverse packages.

introduction to data manipulation in the tidyverse

Chapter 5

Delve into the fundamentals of regression analysis, a critical tool in statistical modeling.

introduction to regression analysis